List of caveats and warnings for Conga Batch.

  • Conga Batch is limited to 200 records per batch for consolidated output or when launching from a Salesforce List View button.

    The consolidated output limit can be increased to 500 records on request. To increase the limit, contact your Conga Representative.

  • There is no limit on the number of records in a batch for distributed output; however, larger batch operations must adhere to the following constraints:
    • Number of Salesforce API calls per day allowed by the Org
    • Salesforce file storage limits within the org
    • Email providers (such as Salesforce, SendGrid, or AWS SES) limits on the number of emails to be sent per day
  • Each Master Object record in the batch will use one service event. Service events are deducted from your annual subscription plan of service events.
  • Each Conga Batch merge operation consumes API requests; the number varies depending on the nature and complexity of the solution as well as how many records are in the batch. Therefore, you’ll need to gauge the number of Conga Batch operations that will take place in your instance with the number of API requests you’re allowed in a 24-hour period.