Background mode (also known as one-click automation) is an optional way to run Conga Quote Generation solutions in which the user interface is skipped and the document or email template is automatically merged and delivered in the desired manner. Because the user interface is skipped, users can't choose templates, output file options, or activity logging options. Instead, the system administrator pre-defines these options in the Conga Quote Generation solution using parameters.

Using background mode:

  • Increases speed of solution by eliminating choices and clicks.
  • Streamlines the feel of the solution.
  • Increases security by preventing users' choices.
  • Decreases errors by locking down the Conga Quote Generation solution.

You set up background mode by adding background mode parameters to your solution URL. The primary parameter for initiating background mode is DS7. The DS7 parameter has multiple parameter values to specify the action that happens in the background.


  • DS7 activates Conga Quote Generation in background mode.
  • QMode parameters are required when working with Conga Batch or Conga Trigger solutions.