Conga recommends the use of the Hyperlink Formula Field technique as a first step whenever challenges arise in the use of Conga Batch.

This hyperlink field will be placed on the Master Object page layout and allows the system administrator to run the Conga Batch process without having to invoke the Salesforce batch process. The hyperlink field launches the user interface, but runs the Conga Batch solution, thus providing all of the user interface capabilities of (such as the View Data workbook, templates, user license status, and error messages) while running Conga Batch.

This approach also helps identify problems associated with access to templates, reports, and queries that can cause Conga Batch process failures resulting from Salesforce session timeouts.

To create a hyperlink formula field to troubleshoot a Conga Batch solution

  1. Create a custom formula field on your Master Object.
  2. In the Field Label box, enter Test and the solution name.
  3. In the Formula Return Type area, click Text.
  4. Click the Advanced Formula tab and, in the Functions area, select HYPERLINK, and click Insert Selected Function.
  5. In the HYPERLINK function string, replace URL with the following: 
    For Conga Batch: 

    "/apex/APXTConga4__Conga_Composer?ServerURL=" + $Api.Partner_Server_URL_370 + 


    "" + $Api.Session_ID + "&ServerURL=" + $Api.Partner_Server_URL_290 +
  6. Enter a new line after the URL and enter the API name of the formula field.
  7. Click Insert Field.
  8. In the HYPERLINK function string, replace friendly_name with the name of your hyperlink as it will appear on the page layout.
  9. In the HYPERLINK function string, delete [, target].
    If you’re using Salesforce Professional Edition, the hyperlink troubleshooting field will be visible to all users due to the lack of field-level security. Therefore, we recommend including the &DC (Disable Conga Composer) parameter with an IF function to limit access to this field to System Administrators only:"

    &DC=" + IF( $Profile.Name = "System Administrator", "0", "1")

    Your full hyperlink formula field would then be:

    HYPERLINK("/apex/APXTConga4__Conga_Composer?ServerURL="+ $Api.Partner_Server_URL_370 + Conga_Workflow_Invoice_Email__c,"Test Conga Trigger via User Interface")


    HYPERLINK("" + $Api.Session_ID +"&ServerURL=" + $Api.Partner_Server_URL_290 + Conga_Workflow_Invoice_Email__c,"Test Conga Trigger via User Interface")
  10. Click Next to establish field-level security.

    We recommend making this field visible to only the System Administrator profile.

  11. Add the field to the appropriate page layouts.
  12. Click Save.

You now have a hyperlink field on your Master Object page layout to run your solution without having to initiate the Salesforce batch process.

You can use this troubleshooting link to launch Conga Batch through the user interface to view error messages, download the View Data workbook, and so on.

QMode parameters will not function when you run Conga Batch or Conga Trigger using this technique, so you must run your solution using the appropriate action from the user interface (such as Merge & Download or Email).