Conga Batch is an optional, paid add-on that launches on-demand solutions in batches. Conga Batch saves you time, effort, and money when you need to run the same solution for many records at once.

How Conga Batch Works

Choose what records to include in a batch

Predefined – Use Salesforce® standard reports or SOQL queries to select records. Ad hoc – Make selections from a list view or related list view.

While Salesforce Reports are useful to gather data for Composer solutions, it is highly recommended to use Conga Queries due to better data gathering performance, versatility, and stability.
Choose how to deliver your files
  • Consolidated – Files from up to 200 records can be batched and consolidated for immediate download as a single PDF or .ZIP file.

    The consolidated output limit can be increased to 500 records on request. To increase the limit, contact your Conga Representative.
  • Distributed – Individual files can be batched for distribution as:
    • Email attachments
    • eSignature documents
    • Salesforce records attachments, Documents, Chatter® posts, Content records, Google Drive, and SpringCM

There is no limit on the number of records in a batch for distributed output; however, larger batch operations must adhere to the following constraints:

    • Number of Salesforce API calls per day allowed by the Org
    • Salesforce file storage limits within the org
    • Email providers (such as Salesforce, SendGrid, or AWS SES) limits on the number of emails to be sent per day
Choose when it happensOn-Demand – Launch from Conga Batch record.