The Conga Batch record is a custom object that is installed with the Conga Batch app. It serves as a launch point for Conga Batch batch processes. Upgrading the Conga Batch record involves adding a field to the Conga Batch page layout and using that field to specify that the Conga Batch record runs on Release 8 instead of Release 7.

To upgrade a Conga Batch record to run on Release 8 servers:

  1. Go to your Scheduled Conga Batches and deactivate them.
  2. Replace the Launch button with the Launch_dev button.
  3. Add the Version field to the Conga Batch page layout. Navigate to Salesforce Setup → Build → Create → Objects → Conga Batch → Page Layouts → Conga Batch Layout → Edit.
  4. Select the Fields menu.
  5. Click and drag the Version field beneath the URL Field Name field.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Navigate to the Conga Batches tab and click Conga Batch Name to open the Conga Batch record you wish to upgrade from Release 7 to Release 8.
  8. Edit the Conga Batch record and change the value of the Version field to C8, which indicates Release 8.
  9. Click Save. This Conga Batch batch process now runs on the Release 8 servers. 
  10. Test the Conga Batch solution on the Release 8 servers before deploying.
  11. Repeat steps 4 - 10 to upgrade any other Conga Batch records.
  12. Remove the Version field from the Conga Batch page layout once you’ve finished upgrading your records.

New Conga Batch records (those created after the upgrade) will default the value of the Version field to C8, indicating those records will run on Conga Batch Release 8.