These parameters control the behavior of Conga Email Templates.

Track Activities is a required Salesforce setting for the object you want to send an email from.


  • CongaEmailTemplateGroup filters the list of Conga Email Templates that appear in the Email Templates list on the Composer user interface to those that match the specified criteria.
  • CongaEmailTemplateId pre-selects the Conga Email Template specified in the Email Templates list on the Composer user interface.
  • EmailAdditionalTo sets the value of the Additional To field.
  • EmailBCC sets the value of the BCC field.
  • EmailCC sets the value of the CC field.
  • EmailLetterheadId specifies which Salesforce email letterhead is used in conjunction with a Conga Email Template.
  • EmailRelatedToId sets the value of the Related To field.
  • EmailReplyToId changes the apparent sender of an email by setting the message ReplyTo and DisplayName properties to those of the specified user.
  • EmailSubject sets the value of the Subject field.
  • EmailTemplateAttachments indicates to preserve attachments stored with the Salesforce email template.
  • EmailTemplateId loads the subject and body fields from a Salesforce email template.
  • EmailToId sets the value of the To field.
  • EmailUseSignature indicates whether to include or exclude the signature of the sending user from the email body.