The Output File Parameters Group lists the parameters that primarily affect the behavior of the merge templates used in a merge operation.


  • AmazonS3Visible enables Amazon S3 as an output option on the Conga Quote Generation user interface.
  • APDF specifies whether multiple PDF documents are consolidated into one.
  • APF specifies whether PowerPoint output files are assembled.
  • AttachmentID specifies that the attachments associated with the Salesforce IDs will be automatically selected.
  • AttachmentParentId specifies the Salesforce record where the output file is attached.
  • AWD specifies whether Word documents are assembled (and if so, how).
  • DefaultPDF sets the default output file type.
  • FP0 locks the output file format.
  • MTOFN specifies a file name when using multiple templates or batches.
  • OFN specifies the output file name.
  • PDFA converts the output file to PDFA/1a or PDFA/1b file types
  • Select Attachments specifies that the Salesforce ID of up to 20 attachments of the master object will be included in an Attachments tab for an end-user to select during the merge process.
  • ZipFiles specifies whether output files are grouped.
  • ZipPDFs specifies that PDF documents generated in the merge process should be zipped (compressed).