You can use Revenue Recognition to manage revenue recognition schedules. With Revenue Recognition, you can generate complex revenue schedules for any combination of products, services, and subscriptions before posting final transactions on your General Ledger.

With Revenue Recognition, it's easy to take information from signed commitments and fulfilled orders to create revenue schedules that are fully compliant with accounting and corporate standards. In addition to GAAP, Revenue Recognition complies with FASB, IASB, SOP, and SEC regulations and Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requirements as well.

Key Benefits

With Revenue Recognition, you can

  • Increase Productivity - eliminate manual workarounds to generate and validate revenue schedules for your orders.
  • Improve Financial Agility - quickly model revenue schedules for new products, services, or subscriptions, and acquisitions.
  • Increase Financial Insight - get more accurate and real-time visibility into your revenue forecasts.