The performance benchmark numbers indicate the time taken for the batch jobs to finish execution. 

For the following scenario: 

  • No. of Agreements = 10000
  • No. of Agreement Line Items = 50000
  • No. of Agreement Fees = 50000
  • RevRec rule = Ratable
  • One-time/Recurring = Recurring
  • Frequency = Monthly
  • Agreement Contract Term: 6 Months

Generate Actuals batch job takes 00:39:30 Hours to execute when batch job size is set to 100. 

Rollback Actuals batch job takes 00:24:32 Hours to execute when batch job size is set to 100. 

Generate Forecast batch job takes 01:19:57 Hours to execute when forecast batch job size is set to 75. 

Rollback Forecast batch job takes 01:05:01 Hours to execute when forecast batch job size is set to 75.

The performance benchmark numbers are tested in a vanilla out of the box version of the product. The time taken to execute these batch jobs might vary if you have multiple batch jobs submitted at a time. The execution time also varies based on the customizations done in your Salesforce instance of Revenue Recognition.