You can drive the functioning of certain features in the application from the fields available in Revenue System Properties.

From Setup, enter Custom Settings in the Quick Find box and search for Revenue System Properties. Then select Revenue System Properties and click Manage to see System propertiesEdit System Properties to provide value for the fields.

The following table lists the available fields and their significance.

Agreement Filter Callback ClassThe name of the custom class that implements the _ Agreement Filter Callback_ interface.
Batch Chaining LimitA System Setting to control the Number of chained Batch Jobs. Default value is 1.

Default Scale

The number of decimal places for computed revenue. 
Disable Triggers

Indicates whether managed triggers are disabled. The application would not work correctly when triggers are turned off. 


Please use this only in special data load situations like data migration.

Enable ASC-606Controls which Revenue Recognition Standard to apply (ASC-605 or ASC-606).
Fee Adjustment Callback ClassThe fee adjustment callback class name. The class should implement the CustomClass.IFeeAdjustmentCallback interface.
Ignore Leap Year For Revenue Recognition

Indicates whether leap year should be ignored for revenue recognition

Instance URL

The URL of your Salesforce instance. The instance URL will be used to create an absolute URL for your custom pages.

Max Batch Iterator SizeThe maximum batch records to process in a single iteration. 
Obligation Allocation CallbackThe name of the class that implements the IPerformanceObligationAllocation interface.
Process Revenue For Closed PeriodsIndicates whether revenue would be recognized for fees in closed periods. This is to support business transactions backdated under a variety of circumstances. 
Revenue Allocation CallbackThe name of the class that implements the IRevenueAllocation interface.
Revenue Calculation CallbackThe name of the class that implements the IRevenueCalculation interface.
Revenue Record TypesIndicates the record type to be used to recognize the revenue, generate forecasts, and rollback revenue.  
Revenue Term Match With CPQThis setting allows RevRec term calculation to match with CPQ.
Revenue Term Rounding Mode

The rounding mode for computing the revenue term. Valid values are UP, DOWN, HALF_UP, and HALF_DOWN.

Revenue Term Rounding MethodThe rounding method for computing the revenue term. Valid values are SPREAD_DEFERRED-BALANCE, APPLY_FIRST, APPLY_LAST, APPLY_FIRST_MONTHS and APPLY_LAST_MONTHS.
Enable Email NotificationSelect this option to receive an email notification when any batch job is processed.