updateForecastFeeScheduleFromActuals API updates the Forecast Amount and units based on the actual amount for a given agreement ID and period. For monthly recurring agreements, the API removes and nullifies the forecast fees for the second and third quarter of the agreement. 

result updateForecastFeeScheduleFromActuals(agreementID, periodDate)

This API accepts agreement ID and period date as input parameters. It updates the Forecast Amount and units for a given agreement ID and period.

Request Parameters

agreementIDIDYesID of the Agreement.
periodDateDateYesThe period date to update the forecast units and amounts.

Response Parameter

resultList <ID>

Returns the list of fee IDs for which forecast units and amounts are updated.

Code Sample

ID agreementId = 'a566A000000PRh5QAG';
Date periodDate = Date.newInstance(2018,01,31);
Apttus_Revenue2.RevRecAction.updateForecastFeeScheduleFromActuals(agreementId, periodDate);