Automatically upload a completed Conga Sign document to a third-party repository, such as Box and SharePoint, using a folder-specific upload email address. Users can also simply add the upload email address Contact as the final signer with a CC role manually when creating and sending a Conga Sign Transaction.

To automatically upload a completed Conga Sign document to an online repository

  1. Create a Conga Sign-integrated Composer button.
  2. Create a Contact record in Salesforce and use a repository folder's upload email address as the standard Email field's value. Example: 
  3. Add the &CSRoutingType=Serial parameter to the Composer button. Serial routing is required for this solution.
  4. Add a new recipient to the Composer button using the CSRecipient parameter. Use the record ID of the new upload email address Contact record as the parameter value. 

    The upload email address Contact must be designated as the last Conga Sign recipient.

  5. Add the CSRole parameter to designate a CC signer role to the upload email address Contact. Example:

Following the steps above, the upload email address automatically populates as CC signer role when launching a Conga Sign-integrated Composer button.

The document is then uploaded to the third-party repository once the final signer completes their assigned portion of the Conga document.