The Conga Sign Recipient object is accessible from the Audit Trail and provides key details for Recipients related to a specific Conga Sign Transaction.

Salesforce users can access Recipients related to a Conga Sign Transaction by using the Recipients Related List on a Conga Sign Transaction record. Recipient records are also accessible from the Recipients object tab.

Recipient Fields

Recipient object records contain the following fields:

  • Recipient Name
    • An auto-assigned record name
    • This is the name of the Recipient record in Salesforce. It is not the name of the actual Recipient
  • Signer Index
    • The assigned signer order for a Recipient
  • UUID
  • Recipient Status
  • Conga Sign Transaction
    • Lookup field to the related Conga Sign Transaction
  • Name
  • Initials
  • Email
  • Title
  • Company
  • Signed On
    • The date the recipient signed the Conga Sign document
  • Decline Reason
  • Created By
    • Date and time when the Recipient is added to a Transaction as a Recipient
  • Last Modified By
    • Date and time the Recipient record is last updated

Recipient Status

The Recipient Status field displays the current status of a Recipient related to a Transaction by displaying the field values below:

    • The Recipient completed their portion of the Conga Sign Transaction.
    • An invitation to sign has not yet been sent to this Recipient.
  • SENT
    • The Conga Sign Transaction email is sent to the Recipient although they have not viewed the Conga Sign document.
    • The Recipient viewed the Conga Sign document but has not completed their portion of the Conga Sign Transaction.
    • The Recipient declined the Conga Sign Transaction.
    • The Salesforce user (who sent the Conga Sign Transaction) canceled the Conga Sign Transaction.
    • The Recipient did not complete the Conga Sign Transaction before the defined expiration date.
    • The Recipient did not successfully complete SMS Authentication.