Conga Sign provides users the capability to easily create and add new Conga Sign Recipients in the Create Transaction user interface. In addition to selecting existing Contacts, Leads, and Users records, Conga Sign allows users to create new Conga Sign Recipients for a specific transaction without creating new Contact, Lead, and User records.

Creating and adding a new Conga Sign Recipient to a transaction does not create a Contact, Lead, or User record in Salesforce. It creates a Conga Sign Recipient (custom object) record specific to that transaction only. New Conga Sign Recipients created with the parameters or methods below cannot be added or re-used in other transactions.

Administrators can also use the following Conga Sign parameters and Conga Composer integration parameters to dynamically create and add new Conga Sign Recipients to a transaction.

  • Conga Sign Parameters to Add New Recipients
    • recipient[1-10]email
    • recipient[1-10]first
    • recipient[1-10]last
    • recipient[1-10]name
  • Composer Integration Parameters to Add New Recipients
    • CSEmail[1-10]
    • CSFirst[1-10]
    • CSLast[1-10]
    • CSName[1-10]

To add a New Recipient in the Create Transaction User Interface

  1. Navigate to the Create Transaction user interface by launching a Conga Sign solution.
  2. Click Create New Recipient.
  3. Complete the required fields.
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
  4. Click Save.

Upon creating a new Recipient, Conga Sign adds that Recipient to the transaction and creates a new Conga Sign Recipient record.