My sandbox license has expired, how do I extend it?

  • You can submit a case to have your sandbox co-termed with your subscription. If you are a Conga Communities User, then please submit the case through Conga Communities.
  • It is a best practice to submit cases when you refresh your sandboxes, as all refreshes come with 30-day trials.

Why does my Sandbox have an expiration countdown, but my production org doesn’t?

  • All Sandbox Orgs are provisioned as trial licenses. Your production or is provisioned per your subscription term and only displays the expiration date 14 days prior to expiration.
  • You can always submit a case to have your sandbox co-termed with your subscription.

I don’t see “manage licenses” in my sandbox as I do in production, why?

  • We do not enable License Management in sandboxes unless you ask specifically. Therefore. you have an unlimited Site License in all sandboxes. This means that you do not have to assign a Salesforce user a license for Composer.
  • If you would like this enabled, please keep in mind you need to enable all the users you would like to have access. You can submit a case on the support page and request LMA be turned on.

How do I assign users licenses?

I just renewed, but I am still seeing an expiration warning.

  • If you have signed your renewal order form, and your expiration warning is less than 2 weeks away, please submit a case.

Does the Conga use License Keys?

  • Conga does not use license keys. All new installs for Conga Sign, Contracts, Conga Grid will be assigned with 5 Trial licenses for 15 days.
  • All products can be downloaded via the Salesforce AppExchange. Exceptions to this are Conga Collaborate and Conga Contracts (off the platform), and Contracts for Salesforce.
  • Here is a link to the Conga Installation Links.
  • Conga Collaborate, Conga Contracts, and Contracts for Salesforce will be installed by your Conga Professional Services team member as part of your Professional Services engagement. (If this does not apply to you, then please contact your Conga account representative.