The ClassicUser Experience supports the following:

  • Full Site Signing Experience — This is the signing experience provided to users on desktops, laptops, and tablets. It is also provided to users on mobile phones if they try to use a feature that is not supported by the Mobile Signing Ceremony.
  • Mobile Signing Ceremony — This is the signing experience provided to users of Mobile Web Applications after the feature has been activated via our Support Team. For a list of the supported mobile phones, see the Prerequisites below.

As just noted, the Mobile Signing Ceremony does not support all the features of the Full Site Signing Experience.

An Administrator can enable the redirection of signers to a customized external page when their session expires. To arrange this, please contact our Support Team.

Please be aware of the following:

  • If a user in a Mobile Signing Ceremony tries to use an unsupported feature, they will be directed to the Full Site Signing Experience, where the feature is supported.
  • Because of the smaller size of mobile phone screens, some terms that appear in the Mobile Signing Ceremony may differ from those that appear in the Full Site Signing Experience. We do our best to ensure that the signing experience is optimal for all users.
  • Although senders can specify any language listed here, the Mobile Signing Ceremony can display information only in English, Français, Deutsch, Português, and Español. If any other language is specified, the ceremony will default to English.


Before using the Mobile Signing Ceremony, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You have activated the Mobile Signing Ceremony via our Support Team.
  • Your mobile device uses one of the following Operating Systems:
    • iOS 9+
    • Android KitKat 4.4+
    • BlackBerry OS 10+

Signing Packages

To sign a package on your mobile phone via the Mobile Signing Ceremony:

  1. From your mobile phone, click the link to the package in the email message you received.
  2. All packages contain an Electronic Disclosure and Signature Consent. Read it, and click Accept.
  3. A preview appears of the documents to be signed.
  4. At any time, you can click the mobile menu button to display other package information, such as:
    • A list of all documents in the package, and their completion status
    • The Package Description provided by the package creator
    • Conga Sign contact information
    • An Opt-out button: If you tap this button, you are prompted to provide a reason for opting out of signing online. After providing a reason, click OK.
    • A Decline button: If you tap this button, you are prompted to provide a reason for declining to sign the document. After providing a reason, click OK.
  5. Tap a Signature Block to zoom in on it.

    If your phone is in Portrait Mode (held upright), you are asked to rotate it to Landscape Mode before capturing your signature.

  6. Draw your signature with your fingertip or a stylus. Repeat this step for all Signature Blocks in all documents.
  7. After signing is complete, you will receive an email that will enable you to review and/or download the package's documents.

Signer Options

Change Signer

Change Signer enables a signer to delegate the signing of their documents to someone else. The signer will be asked to enter the email address and full name of their delegate, along with an optional email message to the delegate.

In-Person Signing

It is sometimes convenient for a package's documents to be signed by the package owner and all other signers on the same device. For example, a life insurance agent may visit clients in their homes. Using a mobile device such as a tablet, the agent can prepare the insurance package while meeting with the clients, and both agent and clients can sign all documents during their meeting.

Such scenarios are called in-person signing. When that Sign feature is enabled for a package, all the package's documents must be signed on the same device by all signers.

By default, after each signer has completed their Signer Experience, the next signer must: (1) accept an affidavit that confirms their identity; (2) read and accept the Electronic Disclosure and Signature Consent form.

In-person signing can be disabled by contacting our Support Team.