Conga Sign offers users in Salesforce the option to reassign a signer's designated signature responsibilities to a different recipient after the Conga Transaction is sent. Reassigning signers is useful in scenarios where a Conga Sign user wants to designate signature responsibilities to a different person within their Salesforce org.

If you are not able to see the Reassign Signer button, contact your administrator. The administrator must add the Reassign Signer button. For more information, refer to Adding Reassign Signer Button.

The process for reassigning signers from Salesforce is different than reassigning a signer as a recipient. For more information on reassigning signers as a recipient, see Reassigning Signers as a Recipient.

When using a signing order to reassigning a recipient, the status must be set to SENT or it will result in an error. 

To reassign a signer from Salesforce

  1. Navigate to the specific Conga Sign Transaction record in Salesforce.
  2. Locate the related Recipient record on the Conga Sign Transaction record and click the Recipient Name hyperlink.
  3. Click Reassign Signer

    In Salesforce Lightning, you must click the drop-down option in the top-right corner to select the Reassign Signer action. 


  4. Complete the reassignment fields pertaining to the new signer:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. (Optional) Language
    5. (Optional) Message
  5. Click Send Now.

Conga Sign users can only reassign a recipient's signing responsibilities one time in a Conga Sign Transaction. Once reassigned, that specific set of signing responsibilities cannot be reassigned again.

After a Conga Sign user in Salesforce reassigns signature responsibilities to a new signer, the new reassigned signer receives a Conga Sign Transaction email prompting them to complete the signature tags.

The Conga Sign user who sent the transaction, and the initial signer, both receive confirmation emails detailing the successful reassignment of the signature responsibilities. The new reassigned signer also receives all standard email notifications related to the transaction moving forward.

New reassigned signers are accounted for in the Conga Sign Transaction record and the related Audit Trail. If a signer reassigns their designated signature responsibilities to a new signer, their Recipient status is marked as DECLINED on the Conga Sign Transaction record. The new reassigned signer has a status of Recipient status of SENT until they complete the assigned Conga Sign tags.

Users cannot reassign signers from Salesforce in Conga Sign Transactions created before the Conga Sign 1.43.0 release on May 6th, 2020.