It is highly recommended to configure the IP Relaxation and Refresh Token Policy settings for the Conga Sign Connected App, as mentioned in this article.

Relax IP Restrictions in the Conga Sign Connected App by March 31, 2020, to avoid delayed or failed delivery of Conga Sign documents and transactions back to your Salesforce org. Adjusting the Relax IP Restriction setting for Conga Sign ensures that seamless updates to Conga Sign are delivered in the future.

To configure Conga Sign Connected App

  1. Navigate to Setup in Salesforce.
  2. Type Connected Apps in the Quick Find search box.
  3. Click Manage Connected Apps.
  4. Click Conga Sign.
  5. Click Edit Policies.
  6. Set the IP Relaxation field's value from Enforce IP restrictions to Relax IP restrictions

    If the IP Relaxation is set to Enforce IP restrictions, Conga Sign may not be able to connect to the org as the Conga Sign IP address used to connect is not always the same.

  7. Set the Refresh Token Policy field's value to Refresh token is valid until revoked

    If the Refresh Token Policy is set to another policy, Conga Sign may be disconnected when the refresh token expires.

  8. Click Save.