The Signer Experience can be customized. By customizing the Signer Experience you can seamlessly integrate the signing process within your own site.

Document Package Settings

The following table provides a brief description of the Signer Experience settings that can be customized. Note that it is not required to specify any of these settings. If a setting is not defined, the default values shown below will be used.

Setting NameDocument Package Settings MethodDescription
In-personwithInPersonDefines whether all documents in a package have to be signed on the same device.

withoutInPerson (default)
Owner in-person dropdownhideOwnerInPersonDropdownWhen in-person is enabled, defines whether the package owner is present in the signer dropdown menu.

showOwnerInPersonDropdown (default)
First AffidavitdisableFirstAffidavitWhen in-person is enabled, defines whether the first affidavit page is shown when switching signers from the signer dropdown menu.

enableFirstAffidavit (default)
Second AffidavitdisableSecondAffidavitWhen in-person is enabled, defines whether the second affidavit page is shown when switching signers from the dropdown menu.

enableSecondAffidavit (default)
DeclinewithDeclineDefines whether a signer can decline the document package.

withoutDecline (default)
Decline ReasonwithDeclineReasonDefines a predefined decline reason for when a signer refuses to sign a package.
Decline OtherwithDeclineOther (default)Allows a signer to enter a different reason for refusing to sign a package.

withoutDeclineOtherPrevents a signer from entering a different reason for refusing to sign a package.
Language DropdownwithLanguageDropdown (default)Defines whether the language drop-down menu from the Signer Experience page is displayed.

Display Help PagewithShowNseHelpDefines whether a help page will be displayed, where you can provide descriptive instructions, external site links, or contact information that the signer can use for additional information or instructions.

withoutShowNseHelp (default)
Hand-over linkwithHandOverLinkHrefReplaces the continue button in the Signer Experience. If replaced, the signer will be redirected to a URL you specify.
Hand-over link TooltipwithHandOverLinkHrefTooltipDefines the text that will appear when hovering over the handover button.
HandOver Link ParameterswithHandOverLinkParameters(Sets.newHashSet("PACKAGE", "SIGNER", "STATUS"))Defines which parameters will be appended to the Handover URL. The available options are ["PACKAGE", "SIGNER", "STATUS"]. If left empty, no parameters will be appended.
HandOver Link Auto-RedirectwithHandOverLinkAutoRedirectAutomatically redirects the signer to the handover URL page once the signer has completed signing.

withoutHandOverLinkAutoRedirect (default)
Capture textwithCaptureText (default)Defines whether the signed documents are stamped with the date, time, and signer’s name at each location they were signed.

NavigatorwithNavigator (default)Shows the Navigator. The Navigator directs the signer to the next available signature.

TitlewithTitle (default)Shows the title.

Progress BarwithProgressBar (default)Shows the progress bar.

Download ButtonwithDocumentToolbarDownloadButton (default)Defines whether the download button is available.
Show Logo In iFramewithShowNseLogoInIframeDefines whether to display a logo when the New Signer Experience is presented in an iFrame,

withoutShowNseLogoInIframe (default)
Show Overview PagewithShowNseOverview (default)Defines whether to display an overview page before a signer can begin to sign the package.

Left Menu ExpandwithLeftMenuExpandDefines whether the left menu will be expanded by default.

withoutLeftMenuExpand (default)

Dialog on completewithoutDialogOnComplete (default)

withDialogOnCompleteDefines whether the completion dialog, which asks the signers if they want to review the documents or leave the system, is shown after signing.

Customizing the Signer Experience

The sample JSON below shows you how to edit the settings object. Each method has been described above, in the Document Package Level Settings section.

If you need a comparison to the basic object creation procedure, or if this is the first time creating a transaction, see Creating and Sending a Transaction.

HTTP Request

POST /api/cs-packages

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer access_token
{   "name": "Customizing Signer Experience",   "settings": {   "ceremony": {   "events": {   "complete": {   "dialog": true,   "redirect": ""   }   },   "inPerson": true,   "declineButton": true,   "declineReasons": [],   "disableDeclineOther": false,   "disableDownloadForUncompletedPackage": false,   "disableFirstInPersonAffidavit": true,   "disableInPersonAffidavit": false,   "disableOptOutOther": false,   "disableSecondInPersonAffidavit": true,   "documentToolbarOptions": {   "downloadButton": true   },   "handOver": {   "title": "You will be redirected to Google homepage",   "href": "",   "text": "Exit to site"   },   "hideCaptureText": false,   "hideLanguageDropdown": true,   "hidePackageOwnerInPerson": true,   "maxAuthFailsAllowed": 3,   "optOutButton": true,   "optOutReasons": [   "Decline terms."   ],   "style": null,   "layout": {   "footer": {},   "navigator": true,   "brandingBar": {   "logo": {   "src": "",   "link": ""   }   },   "header": {   "feedback": true,   "globalActions": {   "confirm": true,   "download": false,   "hideEvidenceSummary": false,   "saveAsLayout": false   },   "titleBar": {   "title": true,   "progressBar": true   },   "breadcrumbs": false,   "globalNavigation": false,   "sessionBar": true   }   }   }   },   "type": "PACKAGE",   "status": "DRAFT"   }

Response Payload

{   "id": "9sKhW-h-qS9m6Ho3zRv3n2a-rkI="   }