When creating a signing session, extra data can be stored as part of the evidence summary. This is done by passing additional session fields per signer when creating the signing session. These fields are saved in the evidence summary and are stored in the signature details of your signed documents. 

If you need a comparison to the basic object creation procedure, or if this is the first time creating a transaction, see Creating and Sending a Transaction

After you have created your package, create a signer authentication token with the key/value pair session fields: 

HTTP Request

POST /cs-authenticationTokens/signer/singleUse

HTTP Headers

Accept: application/json   
Content-Type: application/json   
Authorization: Bearer access_token 

Request Payload

 {   "packageId": "x31anVFrwliCsGQXLJoqv0GRZ1w=",   "sessionFields": {   "Transaction ID": "1234567890",   "Login Token": "8888888888888"   },   "signerId": "signer1"   } 

For the complete description of each field, see the Request Payload Table below. 

Request Payload Table

PropertyTypeEditableRequiredDefaultSample Values
sessionFieldsstringYesNon/aTransaction ID  / 1234567890 

Response Payload

 {   "packageId":"x31anVFrwliCsGQXLJoqv0GRZ1w=",   "signerId":"signer1",   "value":"ZDNmMDNiNGUtNGYxOC00YWZiLTkwMmUtNWE5YmIwZTRjZDg1",   "sessionFields": {   "Transaction ID": "1234567890",   "Login Token": "8888888888888"   },   }