The signing process begins when you receive an email notification from Conga Sign informing you that you have a document to sign. Conga Sign sends the email notification on behalf of the sender and contains a message from the sender and a link to open the documents. To begin the signing process, you must open the document and review the electronic record and signature disclosure. You must agree to use electronic records and signatures to sign the document. You must complete each Conga Sign tag and add your electronic signature where required to sign or initial. After you add the required information in each Conga Sign tag and add your electronic signature, you can complete the signing process.

To sign a document received using Conga Sign

  1. Open the email you received from Conga Sign.
  2. Click View Document.  
  3. View the electronic record disclosure and click I Agree

    Clicking I agree confirms that the In-Person Signer accepts the electronic record disclosure. The full electronic record disclosure is available in the eSignature Adoption and Terms portion of the signing user experience.

  4. Customize or draw your Signature and Initials if Signature or Initials tag is present and then click Adopt Signature and Sign.
  5. Click on each Conga Sign tag to complete the tags. Date fields are automatically populated. Additional fields, such as title, email, or company, are updated by typing text values into the fields directly.
  6. Click Complete Signing once all tags are complete.
  7. The signing process is complete. If all recipients have finished signing, you can click Download Document to save a copy if you choose.

You receive another email when all requested signatures are collected. This email contains a link to the audit trail as well as a PDF attachment of the fully executed document.