The Smart Search advanced search tool combines easy natural-language searches with artificial intelligence to produce deep, specific searches. With Smart Search, you can use ordinary language to search for information without having to use or learn a formal query language. Smart Search returns a list of agreement documents that match all your search queries, from any records, regardless of where they are stored. A document must be attached to an agreement as a prerequisite for it to be considered for Smart Search.

Smart Search is deployed for Conga customers using the Conga base library.

Smart Search enables you to:

  • Search information using keywords, semantics, regular expressions, and natural language.
  • Configure the fields that you can see on the search grid.
  • View the content snippet that contains the search query.
  • Preview the document.
  • Open the document in a PDF viewer.
  • Download the document.
  • Email your search results.
  • Apply filters and conditions to narrow down the search results.
  • Use search operators (AND, OR). 
  • Save, edit, and delete search queries and make them private or available to the other users in your org.