To save a search query

If you have developed a search filter and want to retain it for future personal use, or to share, you can save your search. 

  1. Click Save Search to raise the Save Search popup.

    This raises the Save Search window.

  2. Name the search, and describe it as you will. You can keep the search private or make it public to share with teammates. 


    If you select Private as the visibility option, only you can see the saved search. If you select Public as the visibility option, all users in your org can view the saved search.

  3. Click Save. Your search is saved for future use. 

To retrieve a saved search

  1. To retrieve saved searches, click the dropdown icon next to the Save Search button.
  2. Pick the saved search you want. Clicking the search either executes it, or, if the saved search is incomplete, directs you to complete the saved partial search definition. 

To edit or delete saved searches

  1. Click the dropdown arrow () to open the list of saved searches. 
  2. Click the Edit feature below the list of saved searches, raising the Edit Saved Search window:
  3. Find a saved search by entering its name in the search window, or select it directly from the list.
  4. Click the pen icon () to edit a search, or the Delete () icon to delete it. 

Editing a search is the same as saving one