TurboConfig is a configuration engine created to process product configuration rules when products and bundles are configured on a cart and when finalizing the quote. TurboConfig offloads the computation workload from the Salesforce platform to the Conga Flexible Compute Platform built using microservices to reduce the processing time of the configuration rules. Computation workload includes the processing of rules defined on the products. For example, in a TurboConfig enabled flow, when the Sales rep adds the product or the favorite configuration to the cart, the constraint rules associated with them are offloaded to the Conga Flexible Compute Platform to process. TurboConfig engine executes the rules, maintains rule states, and avoid unnecessary line item processing.

TurboConfig is recommended when you have a large number of rules or highly complex configuration rules to be applied while selecting a product or configuring a bundle. 

To get started enabling TurboConfig for your org, refer to Enabling TurboEngines in an Org. To learn more about the TurboConfig service, refer to Frequently Asked Questions (TurboConfig).