This section provides Data Sync Administrators with the information required to manage master data sync for Conga Commerce implementations that have enabled Conga TurboEngines as the primary pricing and configuration engine. 

What's Covered

This guide provides information for administrators to manage Conga TurboEngines Data Sync. 

Primary Audience
  • Conga Administrators
  • Conga Professional Services
  • Pricing Administrators
  • Customer Administrators
IT Environment

Refer to Getting Started for System Requirements and Supported Platforms.


For a comprehensive list of updates to this guide for each release, see the What's New in Data Sync Documentation topic.

Other Resources
  • Conga TurboEngines Documentation
  • Conga TurboEngines Release Notes
  • Conga CPQ Documentation

This guide describes the following tasks:

  • Managing Data Sync Settings
    • enabling and disabling data sync
    • adding objects and fields
    • adding sync actions and formats
    • running data sync
    • scheduling data sync
  • Working with Data Sync Run History
    • viewing and evaluating run history
    • viewing error messages
  • Troubleshooting Data Sync (known issues)

Before using TurboEngines Data Sync, you must be familiar with the following:

  • Basic Salesforce administration
  • Salesforce Lightning experience
  • Salesforce and Conga terms and definitions
  • Basic understanding of Conga TurboEngines
  • Basic understanding of Conga TurboPricing
  • Basic understanding of Conga TurboConfig