This section provides information to configure TurboEngines: TurboConfig and TurboPricing. Application administrators and Conga customer administrators can also use content in this guide to perform updates to configurations, configure settings, and other microservice functionalities.

What's Covered

This guide walks the administrator through the process of  TurboEngines administration. It provides conceptual information, step-by-step instructions to deploy and configure Conga TurboEngines for integrated systems.

Primary Audience
  • TurboEngines Implementation Teams
  • Customer Administrators
IT Environment

Refer to the latest Conga TurboEngines Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.

Other Resources
  • Conga TurboEngines Data Sync Documentation
  • Conga CPQ Documentation

This guide describes the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the list of supported features for TurboConfig and TurboPricing
  • Configuring Conga TurboEngines
  • Enabling TurboEngines
  • Completing Pre-Provisioning Tasks
    • Creating a Connected App
    • Preparing Tenant Information
  • Completing Post-Provisioning Tasks for TurboConfig
    • Configuring Remote Site Settings
    • Configuring Custom Settings 
    • Configuring Custom Flows
    • Syncing TurboConfig Product Data
  • Completing Post-Provisioning Tasks for TurboPricing
    • Configuring TurboPricing Settings
    • Customizing TurboPricing Callbacks
    • Configuring data sync settings
    • Syncing TurboPricing Pricing Data

Before using TurboEngines, you must be familiar with the following:

  • Basic Salesforce administration
  • Salesforce Lightning experience
  • Salesforce and Conga terms and definitions
  • Conga TurboPricing Overview and Data Sync architecture
  • Basic understanding of Conga TurboPricing and TurboConfig