X-Author for Contracts 1.0 (Classic) is a Microsoft Word add-in that lets you work on contracts and contract templates. The X-Author for Contracts 1.0 add-in helps contract administrators as well as legal users to streamline the process of creating and maintaining agreements document that contains contracts, clauses, and templates. X-Author for Contracts 1.0 helps the contract administrators to manage complex negotiation cycles where multiple users can make changes to the clauses and templates with ease.

X-Author for Contracts 1.0 supports the versioning of agreements. As a contract administrator, you can save multiple versions of the same document. For example, you can save redlined, clean, and final versions of an agreement in a Microsoft Word document opened either from Salesforce or from the local drive. When saving a final version of an agreement document, you can also reconcile any terms that might have changed during the negotiation process. You can create and maintain template versions, insert templates, save them, and replace them to and from Conga. Finally, you can compare two versions of a contract and merge versions into one agreement document.

X-Author for Contracts 1.0 also provides support for creating conditional text within a contract or clause template. This allows contract administrators to create sophisticated conditional clauses that can include or exclude certain text or clauses depending on how a conditional expression is evaluated at run time.

The following are the key features of Conga X-Author for Contracts 1.0 (Classic):

  • Agreements
    • Create or update an agreement
    • Check-in as a redlined, clean, or final version of an agreement
    • Check-out an agreement
    • Update the current version of an agreement
    • Open agreements in Contract Management
    • Lock agreement documents for editing
    • Hide smart boundaries
    • Clauses
      • Playbook
        • Insert clauses at the bookmark positions
        • Insert smart clauses
        • Insert merge clauses
        • Swap clauses
      • Unlock read-only clauses
      • Mark clauses
      • Promote marked clauses to the playbook
      • Accept or reject clause changes from the control panel
    • Fields
      • Validate fields
      • Mark fields
      • Highlight fields
      • Update smart field values from Salesforce
      • Accept or reject field changes from the control panel
      • Delete fields from the control panel
    • Compare and merge agreements
    • Regenerate with redlines
    • Associate term exceptions
    • Mark an agreement as private
    • Send an agreement for review from Outlook
    • Send an agreement for parallel review
    • Track and manage review cycle
    • Work with offline agreements
      • Create offline agreements

      • Import third-party papers as agreements

      • Intelligent Discovery 

    • Reconciliation
      • Preview reconcile
      • Reconcile smart fields, smart clauses, and repeat-tables
  • Templates
    • Create, update, and activate non-versioned templates
    • Create, update, and activate versioned templates
    • Check-in templates
    • Check-out templates
    • Clone templates
    • Open templates in Contract Management
    • Lock or unlock templates
    • Fields
      • Insert merge fields
      • Make fields smart
      • Make fields read-only
    • Clauses
      • Playbook
      • Make clauses smart
      • Make clauses read-only
      • Mark clause
      • Refresh clause
      • Insert clauses as a bookmark
    • Conditionals
      • Create conditional segments
      • Create conditional rows and columns in a table
    • Insert, update, or delete dynamic segments

Key Terminology

It is important to understand how terms are used when working with Conga X-Author Contracts.



Agreements / Contracts

A contract (or an agreement) is an arrangement with specific terms, enacted between two or more entities, in which there is a promise to perform something in return for valuable consideration or benefit.
ClausesModular blocks of text that are used repeatedly. By adding these blocks to a library called a playbook, they can be reused continuously in multiple documents.
Document Assembly RulesetDocument Assembly Rulesets enable you to preconfigure filter rules that drive a sequence of prescribed dynamic clause or attachment insertions in a generated document.
Document Lock/ UnlockLocking a document prevents others from editing the document and checking in a new version at the same time you are working on it. Lock or Unlock (toggle) button is available on the X-Author Contracts or X-Author Templates ribbon.
DocumentsThe dynamically generated output from the merging of an agreement record’s data in the CRM with the static text of a template.
Dynamic SegmentsChunks of content that can be dynamically populated in the agreement, at the time of agreement generation, based on document assembly rulesets. The dynamic segments can contain content from clause template or attachments.
Merge FieldsStatic fields in a template which, at the time of agreement generation, take their value from the corresponding field in the Agreement record.
Offline Agreement DocumentA document created directly in X-Author by taking an existing Word document that was created outside of Contract Management and had not previously been associated with an agreement.
PlaybookA repository of templates, clauses, sections, or supporting documents, which can be inserted in the template as inline text or smart content-controlled text.

Reconciliation is a process that enables changes made to smart fields in an agreement document, outside of the CRM/ X-Author environment, to be reconciled with the data held in the Agreement record in the Contract Management.

Values of smart fields and clauses can be reconciled when you check-in the agreement document in X-Author Contracts.

Smart FieldsEditable fields with the content control property. You can change the value of a smart field in a generated agreement document. These values can be reconciled with the corresponding fields on the agreement record in the CRM.
TemplateBlueprints to generate a variety of document types when merged with data from quotes or proposals.
Term Exception

A stipulated condition that may need the approval to grant or prevent certain allowances in an agreement or proposal. X-Author enables you to associate specific clauses in an agreement or proposal document with an exception clause or term exception.

For example, suppose you associate an exception clause for 'Payment Terms' in an agreement document. If the payment term's value is changed, and if the change is not in line with the company’s policy (which is usually a condition mentioned in the exception clause), then the agreement is sent for approvals.

Read-only Fields

Read-only fields have content control borders (similar to smart fields) but are non-editable in a generated agreement document. You can update the value of an Update field in an agreement document only by using Update from CLM.

Functionally, these fields lie between smart fields and merge fields. Read-only fields are not inline like merge fields and their values cannot be edited like smart fields.

X-Author ContractsA Microsoft Word plug-in that enables the legal team of an organization to execute an entire contract lifecycle inside Microsoft Word.