The Clauses related list in the agreement record captures the clause activity for the associated agreement document during contract negotiation. You can open an agreement document in X-Author and make changes to it by inserting, modifying or deleting the clauses. When you check-in that agreement document, new records are created in the Agreement Clauses related list that reflects these changes. With each change made to the clauses, either from Clause Library or to the new clause marked in an agreement document, you can see corresponding entries in the Agreement Clauses related list of your agreement record in the Conga CLM.

Agreement Clause activity is recorded in the related list during a negotiation when you insert, modify or delete a clause in the initial session or a subsequent session. A session can be defined as the time between opening a document in X-Author for Contracts and checking it in. You can insert, modify or delete the content of a clause in an agreement document by doing any of the following:

User action in X-Author for Contracts

Trigger point in X-Author for Contracts

Agreement Clauses - Action entry in Conga CLM

NANAOriginal (after a document is generated)
Check-out a documentNANA
Modify a smart clauseReconciliationModified
Delete a smart clauseReconciliationDeleted
Insert clause as smart in an agreementCheck-in with any save optionInserted
Insert clause as text in an agreementCheck-in with any save optionInsertedAsText
Modify smart fields in a smart clauseReconciliation
Check-in a document as FinalNANA