Using this feature, you can track the status of the documents in the review that require your attention and response. When the parallel review feature is enabled for your org, you can view the reviewer details and the current review status of an agreement document.


  • The Parallel Review comply system property is enabled to view the Track Review Status button.


You cannot track review status for non-version-aware documents. 

To track review status

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts. 

  3. In the Contracts panego to Start tab > Search > Search Agreements.
  4. Enter the agreement name or number as the search term and click the Search icon ().

  5. From the search results, click the Expand icon () of the agreement you want to download. In the expanded description, click Track Review StatusThis opens the Review Status page that lists all the review cycles and the review details. 

  6. Click the template name to view a template list that has at least one review cycle. The latest template is selected by default.


    For offline agreements, an agreement document name is displayed instead of the template name.

  7. Click the review cycle name to view different review cycles for a particular template. The latest review cycle is selected by default.

You can view the review cycle details: Started By, Created On, Current Status, Document Details, Version, Reviewer Name, Reviewer Email, and Status.