Update from CLM is an option available in the Work tab that allows you to update smart fields and read-only fields in your agreement document with the current values in Conga CLM. Update from CLM updates all header - second, and third-level smart fields in your document, including:

  • Smart and read-only fields in the body of the agreement document.
  • Smart and read-only fields in sections, repeat sections and repeat sections with conditions. 
  • Smart and read-only fields in tables, repeat tables and repeat tables with conditions. 
  • Smart and read-only fields in generated clauses.

The following applies when you select Update from CLM:

  • All edited smart field values and read-only field values are updated. You cannot select and update for one specific field.
  • Fields cannot be updated to an empty (null) value.

To Update from Conga CLM

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts. 

  3. Check out your agreement document. From the Contracts pane, go to the Work tab and click the More button (), and then click Update from CLM. 
  4. All the agreement level fields changed in the CLM record are displayed in the X-Author for Contracts pane.
  5. Click Next. The Update from CLM dialog box is displayed.

    If there are no fields to be updated inside the repeat table, then the Next button is not available. The Update button is displayed by default. Click Update to update the remaining fields. 

  6. All the repeat table changes and repeat section changes are displayed in the dialog box. Details about the changes such as fields inserted, modified, and deleted are provided.
  7. Review the changed values and click Update to update the field values. A new instance of the Microsoft Word document is opened with the latest updated content.