Importing and Exporting an application is not supported in Essentials Edition.

X-Author for Excel Apps can be easily migrated from one instance to another provided that the objects being used in the exporting org match those in the importing instance.

The Import function imports a previously exported App into the instance to which you are connected.

To import an app

To import a previously exported X-Author for Excel .app file follow the steps below:

  1. Click Import.

  2. To browse for the Application to import, click Browse App.
  3. From the X-Author Application Import dialog, select the file with an .app extension and click Open.
  4. Under App Details, in Import App Name, change the name of the App, if required, and click Import.

The App is imported into your current instance.

Best Practice

To avoid errors using the app in the new org, make sure to click Sync App after the import is complete. This will identify any existing mismatches in objects and fields defined in the app. If you do encounter errors upon validation, check the objects and fields affected. Make changes to your app or in your org as needed, and perform the import process again.

To export an app

  1. Click Export.

  2. Choose a location and enter a filename.
  3. Click Save.

An app file with .app extension is saved at the chosen location. The Export function saves an App as an .app file. This file can then be used by the Import function to add that App to a different instance. You should also use this function to back up your apps while creating them.