Before you can work with your agreement documents in X-Author, you must log in to Contract Management.

To log in to X-Author Contracts

  1. Launch Microsoft Word. Open a new document or the document you want to work with.
  2. Launch the X-Author add-in as described in Installing Production X-Author for Contracts 2.0.
  3. Click X-Author Contracts ribbon on the Home tab. The login panel opens.
  4. Click Login.
    Click the menu icon () and click Login.
    You are navigated to the Salesforce production login page.
  5. Enter your production credentials (Username and Password) and click Login.
  6. If it is the first time you are logging into Contract Management from the add-in, you may be prompted to allow access to X-Author. Click Allow to proceed.

You will be logged into the X-Author Contracts. The X-Author panel refreshes to display a list of agreement documents.


On the login page, when you click Log In To Sandbox you are navigated to the Salesforce sandbox login page and you need to enter Sandbox credentials to log in.

To log out of X-Author Contracts

  1. Click the menu icon ().
  2. Click Log Out "<username>" to logout.

If you are using X-Author for Contracts 2.0 add-in in Windows operating system, the menu icon is slightly hidden when any successful message appears.