You can use X-Author for Contracts 2.0 to make a clause in your template smart. A standard contracting process begins with a generated document, and ends with a final agreement. In between the initial document and the final signed agreement, the document gets redlined and negotiated. Smart clauses help track the differences between different versions of the agreement document.

Smart clauses, like smart fields are parts of a contract that can be reconciled between versions of an agreement and noted in the agreement record. This can be used during negotiations when clauses are redlined. Clauses that have been changed will be reconciled when you choose the reconciliation option at Check-In. Clauses can only be smart in the context of a generated contract document.

In the process of negotiations, a contract may get redlined multiple times. During these redlines, a user may choose to accept the changes made to the contract. Smart Clauses provide visibility into the changes made in the contract document by allowing the user to view the changed clauses in at Check-in and when the clause change has been checked in, on the Agreement Clauses related list. 

When you use a template which has smartness attribute enabled for its clauses, the generated agreement document will have smart clauses that can be tracked.

A Note on Agreement Documents and Templates

All generated agreement documents (as opposed to imported offline agreements) use document templates saved in Apttus Contract Management. These templates contain merge fields which, upon generation, pull Apttus field values from the agreement to create distributable documents.

To make a clause smart in a template

  1. Open the template in X-Author Contracts.
  2. Log in to X-Author Contracts and from the left-hand navigation select X-Author Templates.
  3. In the X-Author Templates pane, go to Work >Template Clauses.
  4. The Template Clauses pane lists all the clauses present in your template. Select a clause from the list and click the gear icon next to the clause name .
  5. In the Properties pane, click the toggle for Smart Clause attribute to enable it and click Ok.

When you enable the Readonly Clause attribute, the value of Smart Clause attribute is disabled. 

Your template clause will now have smartness property. To remove the smartness property of a clause, you can slide the Smart Clause attribute toggle to off position (greyed out).