You can add pre-approved alternate clauses to the clause library that are related to standard clauses. You can use the Clause Playbook to replace a standard clause with appropriate alternate clauses. Alternate clauses can be added to the clause library and associated with the standard clause.

If there are many alternate clauses associated to a single standard clause, you can specify the order in which alternate clauses should be used in a negotiation mode. The Master Clause has a toggle to enable or disable the enforcement of alternate clauses.

When alternate clauses are not available in the clause playbook, you can replace the redlined clause with the original clause (standard clause) that was in the document before it was sent to another user or customer.

Clause Playbook Filters for Alternate Clauses

The Clause Playbook shows alternate clauses for the clause that you selected to negotiate and the priority order in which you can select alternate clauses. You do not need to search through the clause library to find the correct replacement clause.