Managed Clauses are copies of clauses from the Clause Library that are tied to a specific contract or record. These clauses can be changed as the document is negotiated without impacting the master version in the Clause Library.

To manage clauses:

  1. After the administrator creates Clause Bundles, end-users can add clauses to the Master Object record using Select Clause Bundle, which creates a list of Managed Clauses on the record.
  2. When Composer is used to generate the document, the Managed Clauses are merged into the document and the document is sent to the counter-party for negotiation.
  3. After negotiation is complete, end-users sync changes in the document back to Salesforce using True-up™. If Managed Clauses were changed, revisions of the clauses are created and stored in the Managed Clauses list, which can then be reported on.
  4. If the administrator wants to update clauses in the Clause Library based on revisions made to Managed Clauses, they will create clause revisions, which creates a new revision in the Clause Library.