When you create a contract with Composer and send that contract for negotiation, you can restrict editing of specific regions in the document and control what your counter party is able to redline (edit). You can ensure that your counter party is able to suggest changes in the document that are valid options in your Salesforce org (field data only) so that you and your counter party can negotiate terms within guidelines you deem acceptable.

You can configure the Composer solution with one of two data tagging options: Data tags (Bookends) or Content Controls. You can enable this feature through the following Contract parameters: [&DataTagEnable=0] OR [&DataTagEnable=1]

Why is configuring Composer to use content controls a good thing?

  • No changes are needed within the Word template.
  • When you select Content Controls for data tagging, all of Salesforce data that Composer merges into the document resides in a Word Control.
  • Content Controls cannot be deleted or relocated in the document. Content Controls can support data types for picklists or dates.