The purpose of the Contracts for Salesforce Implementation guide is to assist you with the initial set up, installation, and configuration of Contracts for Salesforce. Once that is complete, there are sections detailing how to integrate and configure the various available product integrations. 

About CLM (Contracts for Salesforce)

Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) streamlines and accelerates contract negotiations so you can close deals faster — all without leaving Salesforce. With it you can send contracts directly from Salesforce, compare versions, sync data back to Salesforce, and keep a complete contract history. For more information, see our expanded About Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) topic. 

System Requirements

To get started, ensure that you meet all the technical requirements for Contracts for Salesforce. 

Installing Contracts for Salesforce

Next, begin your installation by following the steps provided in our installation documentation. 

Setting Up Contracts for Salesforce

This section will guide you through setting up Contracts for Salesforce with information on how to set up and configure your Clause Library, what objects are available for configuration, and how to configure a word template solution. 

Integrating with Conga Contracts and CLMU

You can integrate Conga Contracts for Salesforce with Conga Contracts through CLMU, our Conga platform suite. Documents you create in Contracts for Salesforce are stored in Conga Contracts, and your data is synced between both systems.

Integrating with Conga Composer

Conga Composer provides document generation for Contracts for Salesforce. 

Integrating with Conga Orchestrate

Conga Orchestrate allows you to work with Contracts for Salesforce and other integrated products to created automated solutions. 

Integrating with Conga Sign

Conga Sign is an eSignature option for Contracts for Salesforce. 

Integrating with Online Contract Collaboration

You can integrate with Online Contract Collaboration to enhance your document collaboration options available with Contracts for Salesforce. 

Integrating with Conga Contract Intelligence

The Conga Contract Intelligence integration enables you to use artificial intelligence to import and extract terms, fields, and clauses from your contracts.

Migrating CFS Definitions

You can migrate definitions you create in your Sandbox Org to a Production Org.