You can send the generated agreement document to the customer for review. The Send for Review button allows you to specify attachments to send to the customer by email. 


  • You must have an existing generated Agreement document.

  • You must ensure that the Status Category for the Agreement record is In Authoring or In Signatures.
  • You must ensure that Track Changes is enabled on the agreement document that you send to the customer for review.


  • You cannot send a document with protection for review if your organization has set up High-Assurance Session Security at a user profile level. As a result of the security, the sessions cannot be generated in asynchronous calls.
  • After you send an agreement document for review, the activity history does not record details for any of the attachments.

To send an agreement document for review

  1. On the Agreement detail page, click the Send for Review button.
  2. Select documents to send for review and click Next.
  3. (Optional) Select either or both Related Agreements and Child Agreements checkboxes to view documents relating to selected agreement types. 

    You can see the Choose Related Document(s) page if the current agreement has related or child records. If there are both child and related documents, you can either select Related Agreements or Child Agreements checkbox to filter according to your requirement. You can view Related, Sibling, Parent, or Child agreement documents according to the Filter By The Primary Agreement Status comply system property. For more information, see Comply System Properties.

  4. (Optional) Select an appropriate email template for your agreement document and click Next.

    Important Notes on Email Template Selection

    • If you are using Lightning, you can see the email template folder dropdown. You can select an email template from the selected folder.
    • A default email template is usually configured by your administrator (using an Admin property - APTS_EmailTemplateForReview) for the Send for Review action. Check with your administrator if you are unsure. For more information, see Admin Entries.
    • If no Email Template is selected and no default email template has been configured (using APTS_EmailTemplateForReview), the Email Template "Email Template For Review Signature" is used. In most cases, this template not configured as "Available for Use" and must be manually set to true or an error will occur. In the case of a new installation of the package (non-upgrade), this Email Template is automatically configured as "Available for Use."
    • You cannot return to this page after you click Next. If you decide you want to use a different email template after this point, you will have to cancel the Send for Review and start over from the agreement record.
  5. (Optional) Select a document edit permission to be applied to any documents selected in previous steps.

    You can see the Set Document Permissions page if Agreement Document Protection rules for "Send to Other Party for Review" are specified and properties for document protection are enabled. For more information, see Configuring Agreement Document Protection.

  6. In the To field, enter the name or use the Lookup to find the contact you want to send the document to.


    At least one recipient must be specified in the To field. If the email IDs or contacts specified in the To or Additional To fields are invalid, when the APTS_EnableValidationForEmailWithoutUserContact property is set to true, an error is displayed.

  7. Enter or use the Lookup icon to add recipients to the Additional To, Cc or Bcc fields.


    If there are many contacts (for example, more than one million), you can launch a custom pop-up page where you can quickly search and select contacts for the Additional To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

    1. Click the Lookup icon next to the Additional To field to launch the Email Address Lookup window.
    2. Search for contacts and add them to the Additional To Recipients, CC Recipients, and BCC Recipients lists.
    3. Click Save.
    4. The APTS_EnableCustomEmailAddressLookup admin entry must be set to True, to view the custom pop-up page; otherwise, the standard Salesforce pop-up page is displayed. At least one recipient must be specified in the Additional To field.

    When the APTS_IncludePrimaryContact admin entry is set to true, it adds the primary contact from the agreement to the To field of the email.

  8. (Optional) Update the email Subject and Body.

  9. (Optional) If you need to add any supporting document from your local drive:
    1. In the Attached Documents section, click Add More.
    2. Drag and drop or upload documents from your local drive.
    3. On the Upload Files popup, click Done after the documents are uploaded.
    4. Click Add.
  10. Click Send.
    The activity is logged in the Activity History. The Status Category changes to In Authoring and the Status changes to Other Party Review for your agreement record.


    The Admin Property APTS_DefaultEmailContactName is required to create an "Email: Subject" entry on the Agreement record Activity History Related List after the email is sent. If the property is not defined or is invalid, Email details are not recorded in the Activity History.

    According to the Email Attachments configuration, when you send documents for review, recipients can view the documents as links or HTML attachments. For more information, see Salesforce Documentation.

After the customer receives your email and responds back, you can track the changes made by your customer, negotiate for the terms and conditions and finalize the agreement.