Attachments to Files Migration feature enables users to convert all the documents, which are available as Attachments format, to the File format. You can either convert a single Attachment or bulk Attachments type to the File type.

Migration process consists of the following two tasks:

  1. Converting Attachments to File
  2. Deleting Converted Attachments


For converting attachments to files and deleting attachments, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • Set the APTS_SkipFileSplitWhileSavingFile admin entry to true when all of the following conditions are met. 
    • You are upgrading to Spring '21 or a later version of CLM, and
    • You are migrating Attachments that are greater than 10 MB in size to Files.
      For more information, see Admin Entries.
  • The migration tool is installed.

    You can use the free Magic Mover for Notes and Attachments tool from Salesforce to do bulk conversions of attachments to Salesforce Files. For more information see the Magic Mover Help page. Note that the tool is provided by Salesforce and can be used with Conga CLM to migrate notes and attachments.

  • The following latest versions are installed:
    • Contract Management
    • Docusign/Echosign
    • XAC
    • ContentSearch

Key Points To Remember

You must remember the following key points, before starting the migration:

  • The current implementation does not support user-level flag Files Enable. It is the Org wide flag.
  • The current version does not support Template in files, it should be in Attachments.
  • Attachment Migration trigger needs to be created before running the Migration Tool.


    After Files are migrated, you cannot switch back to the Attachment mode.