This topic is applicable only for Kira users. You cannot migrate mappings from Kira to Conga AI.

You can migrate existing mappings and settings from Salesforce to Intelligent Data Discovery (IDD). After you have migrated the existing mappings, you can perform any of the following tasks according to your requirement:

  • You can leave Project ID in the mapping as it is.
  • If you need to use a different project that you have created in Kira, you must edit the mapping and manually enter the project ID from Kira in the Project ID field in CLM. The Project ID field cannot be left blank after you edit a mapping.
  • If you create a new mapping in CLM, CLM creates a project in Kira, obtains the Project ID from Kira, and populates the Project ID field in CLM automatically. 
    For information regarding editing mappings, see Mapping Provisions to Project-Record Type.

To migrate mappings

  1. Go to App Launcher > Intelligent Import Admin Console > Settings.
  2. Click the Edit hyperlink of an existing configuration.
  3. Update the following details:
    1. API URL: Add the IDD URL.

    2. API Token: Add the IDD token.

    3. Tenant: Enter the tenant name for IDD.
  4. Click Test Connection.
  5. Click Sync Provisions.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Go to Intelligent Discovery Settings Intelligent Discovery Data Mapping > Map Project-Record Type.

  8. Select a mapping.
  9. Click the Edit button.
  10. Click Save.