In order to utilize Salesforce objects for your API merge solutions, you must first setup the connected app. 

Creating the Connected App

  1. Log in to Salesforce as the administrator. 
  2. Navigate to Setup, go to OAuth and OpenID Connect Settings, toggle "Allow OAuth Username - Password Flows" to True.
  3. In Setup, go to Apps > App Manager.
  4. In the Lightning Experience App Manager, click the New Connected App button to begin creating a new API connection.
  5. Input the following information: 
    Connected App Name: CongaAPI
    Contact email: {your email}
    Select Enable OAuth Settings
    Callback URLs:
    Selected OAuth Scopes: Full access (full)

  6. Click Save.

Acquiring Consumer Key and Secret

In the CongaAPI connected app you created, click the Manage Consumer Details button. Copy the Consumer Details Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to a safe place. You will need these for your API calls for Salesforce Sessions. 

Relax Restrictions

  1. Navigate back to your CongaAPI connected app.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Change the Permitted Users drop-down to "All users may self authorize."
  4. Change the IP Relaxation drop-down to "Relax IP restrictions."