The Conga Composer API allows the automated creation of documents on any website, platform, or application populated with data from any system of record (including homegrown systems) while sending and saving those documents as needed.

The Conga Composer API delivers increased organizational productivity, accuracy, consistency, exceptional customer experiences, and the opportunity to consolidate to a single vendor across your business ecosystem.

  • Create: Generate complete, accurate documents to address almost any use case in Word, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.
  • Merge: Merge data into documents from any system of record, from CRMs and ERPs, and even homegrown systems, with the Conga Composer API.
  • Conditional Generation: Conditionally display sections of a document, group data, and calculate formulas according to business rules.
  • Brand: Incorporate professional, complex content such as tables, images, rich text, charts, dashboards, custom fonts, watermarks, and global currencies.
  • Deliver: Deploy flexible delivery options with output files that can be downloaded locally, stored in file storage providers (Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.), distributed via email, and/or integrated with eSignature.

Where can you use Conga Composer APIs?

Anywhere! The Composer APIs can be embedded into:

  • Customer Websites
  • Platforms
  • Applications
  • And more!

The Conga Composer API provides the ability to:

  • Expand use cases for companies of any size and geography.
  • Use data from ANY system of record (including homegrown systems) to populate templates.
  • Elevate customer experience and brand consistency with embedded document generation.
  • Standardize to a single document generation solution for every department across your company, no matter what CRM or ERP each group uses.
  • Better control and flexibility for signing requests.

Use Cases

The table below lists some common and unique use cases for the Conga Composer API.

Common Use CasesUnique Use Cases
ProposalsQuarterly business review
QuotesMonthly operating review
Order formsReports and charts
RenewalsService and support communications
InvoicesSupport case reports
Account brief documentInternal reporting for case management 
Work ordersInternal reporting for pipeline management 
New customer welcome lettersShipping documents
Onboarding and training materialsInsurance election summaries

In this section the following topics are described: