Composer Link Service is a Composer Advanced Feature that allows users to create and send documents through email. Composer solutions using Composer Link Service create a unique link for each document, making documents easily shareable and accessible. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files sent with Composer Link Service are downloaded to the browser tray once the recipient clicks the document link in the email. PDF files are automatically displayed in the Conga PDF Viewer.

Composer Link Service supports sending PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The Conga PDF Viewer only supports PDF files.

The Composer document link is kept on the Document History object in Salesforce. Each online document generated with Composer Link Service has its own related Document History record. The document is stored in Salesforce on the backend within the proprietary Conga File Repository.

Composer Link Service also provides users with the ability to receive customized Notification Emails when recipients interact with documents sent with Composer Link Service.

To enable Composer Link Service, see Enabling Composer Link Service and Conga File Repository.

Setup for Composer Link Service includes adding the LinkService parameter to a Composer solution that has a designated Conga Email Template (using the CongaEmailTemplateId parameter). Then add the {Conga_Doc_Link}merge field in the body of the Conga Email Template to dynamically generate the link in the sent email.

The {Conga_Doc_Link} merge tag generates the unique link to the document and is required in the Conga Email Template to leverage Composer Link Service.

For more detailed information on setting up Conga Link Service, see the following documentation: