The Conga Org tab displays an organization's demographic information. By clicking the Edit button, you can modify any available information except the Organization ID, Is Active, and Identity Provider.

Click the App Launcher () icon from the top-left corner > Admin Console > Organization to access this tab.

You can also use the Organization APIs to update the organization-level information.

The Conga Org page displays the following information.

Organization Display NameName of the organization.
Organization IDCode that uniquely identifies your organization to the Conga Platform.
AddressAddress of the organization.
Phone NumberPhone number at the organization.
TimezonePrimary time zone in which the organization is located.
LocaleThe default country or geographic region that is selected for new users in the organization. This setting determines the format of numbers (decimal symbol, digit group, digit grouping symbol, and negative number), dates (long date, short date), and times in the Conga Platform.

Currency that your organization uses for its business.

Positive Currency FormatPositive Currency Format of the organization.
Negative Currency FormatNegative Currency Format of the organization.
Short Date FormatShort Date Format of the organization.
Long Date FormatLong Date Format of the organization.
Time FormatTime Format of the organization.
Decimal SymbolDecimal Symbol of the organization.
Digit GroupDigit Group of the organization.
Digit Grouping SymbolDigit Grouping Symbol of the organization.
Negative Number FormatNegative Number Format of the organization.
Is ActiveIndicates whether the organization is active or not.
Auto Provision User Enabled

Allows users to auto-provision to the Conga Platform. If this toggle is enabled and the admin user has added and authorized the external integration, other users from that external integration can log in to the Conga Platform with their credentials, and the user is automatically created on the Conga Platform.

For example, suppose the admin user has integrated Salesforce as an external service and authorized it. In the Salesforce organization, there are 10 users. Now, if the toggle is enabled, any of these users can log in to the Conga Platform using their Salesforce credentials. Once they log in, their account is automatically created on the Conga Platform.

Identity ProviderIdentity Provider of the organization.
Enable Guest & Customer Community User

Guest and Community User functionality for the organization. You can enable and disable the feature by enabling and disabling the Enable Guest & Customer Community User toggle option.

You only need guest and community user accounts if you are using the Conga Digital Commerce product. This user has standard security settings that control what parts of the storefront guest users can access. These settings limit what guest users can access in the records that support the storefront.