The Project Dashboard offers you a working view of projects in the system.

From the Project Dashboard, you can:

  • Review projects (groupings of contracts and supporting documents), including their current status in the system.
  • Manage projects, including renaming or deleting them.
  • Sort, filter, search, and select documents in various states of readiness for review.
  • Import one or more documents.

Renaming and Deleting Projects

To rename a project, click the More icon () and select the Edit pulldown menu item.

Enter the revised project name and click Save.

To delete a project, click the More icon and select the Delete pulldown menu item. Alternatively, you can select the box adjacent to the project name and click the delete icon above the Project Dashboard grid. You can select one, several, or all projects for deletion using this method. 

Sorting from the Dashboard

One simple method to find specific documents from the dashboard is to sort the columns. For each column, you can click the column heading and select the up or down arrow to display the rows of agreements in ascending or descending order. 

Once you click the bidirectional (up/down) arrow, the rows are sorted in ascending or descending order by that column. You can reverse the order by clicking it again, or you can pick a different column. 

For more detailed and specific search and filter operations, see Filtering and Searching Files.