When you upload a document, CCI performs character recognition (OCR) on it and makes discernible words available for keyword searches. Once documents are uploaded, you can view, search, and download them.

You can upload documents as store-only or to extract.

Viewing a Document

You can access a document from the Dashboard, Document view, Document Stage, Insights, or from search results. Opening the document launches the contract view page, from which you can:

  • Scroll or page through the document.
  • Search a keyword in the document.
  • Add user tags to capture information specific to your business that Contract Intelligence cannot extract.
  • View extracted fundamental and key terms (if the document has been extracted).

Document Alerts

You may see the following alerts when opening a document. 

Ambiguous Text

An Ambiguous Text alert indicates that even though CCI could read the text, it could not identify the best information to extract. This alert is displayed if one of the following conditions affects the information on display:

  • The contract is internally inconsistent (for example, "sole tenant" is defined as John on page 1 and as Jane on page 2).
  • The contract requires knowledge of information outside the document (for example, "The term shall begin when the premises are delivered in broom-clean condition to the tenant.")
  • The contract terminates in multiple parts (for example, "Licensee may distribute Product in Territory A until December 15, 2020, and Licensee may distribute Product in Territory B until December 31, 2021.")

Text Unclear

A Text Unclear alert indicates that an image file did not convert cleanly into the text. Searches may not yield the desired results. Review the image file.

Non-Contractual Document

A Non-Contractual Document alert indicates that CCI has identified the uploaded document as non-contractual. Consequently, many terms in the summary that we usually track do not apply to the document. Examples of non-contractual documents include environmental reports, invoices, permits, informational packets, etc.