for( Entry e : contract.getDynamics().getEntry()){ 
	if(e.getValue() == null || "".equals(e.getValue()))
	if(e.getValue() instanceof StringArray) {
		for(String str : ((StringArray)e.getValue()).getItem()) {
			if("API Name".equals(e.getKey())) {
			System.out.println(e.getKey() + ": " + str);

The above code is an example of how to draw information out of a specific multi-select dynamic field.  "API Name" must be replaced with the api name of the specific field.  This information can be seen under Admin > Dynamic Forms of the UI.  Comment out the first if statement to see all of the values in the field and not just ones that have been selected.

It must also be noted that one must query a specific Contract or Company Profile first.