Conga CPQ is a sales tool for companies to generate quotes for orders quickly and accurately. Quote creation involves configuring products and services, pricing them, and generating quotes based on predefined rules. Conga CPQ produces accurate quotes making complex products, pricing, and business rules centralized, automatic, and available in real-time.

Conga CPQ is a CRM-agnostic solution available on Conga Platform. With an API-first approach, CPQ services (configuration, pricing, quoting) can be embedded into customer’s eCommerce, Direct Sales, and Partner Portals. Conga CPQ helps customers to streamline configuration and pricing across revenue lifecycle operations, providing faster scale and performance.

Conga CPQ provides the ability to offer self-service capabilities for guided configuration and contracted pricing embedded on any B2B eCommerce site. Conga CPQ provides customers the ability to choose which capability (configuration, pricing, quoting) they want to embed into their revenue lifecycle, at a pace that supports their business needs.