When you have enabled TurboPricing in the org to process large-sized carts, Conga recommends you to create such quotes with the QTC Profile value as Enterprise. In a quote with Enterprise QTC Profile, CPQ processes downstream operations asynchronously for a maximum of 10000 lines.  When the Sales Representative selects the QTC Profile as Enterprise during quote creation, CPQ performs the following downstream operations in async mode:

  • Finalizing the cart
  • Cloning a quote with Line items
  • Synchronize quote with opportunity
  • Creating an agreement with line items (single agreement)
  • Creating an order (single order)
  • Creating assets

You must finalize Enterprise quotes using the finalizeCart() API if you have more than 1000 line items. For more information on finalizeCart() API, see Finalizing Configuration in Enterprise and Smart Cart. You must also use a custom Submit For Approval button for any approvals for Enterprise quotes.

You must manually add the picklist value of Enterprise in the QTC Profile field of the Quote/Proposal, Product Configuration, and Agreement objects.

To add Enterprise as a QTC Profile value

You must add the value Enterprise in the QTC Profile field of the Quote/Proposal, Product Configuration, and Agreement objects so that CPQ displays the value Enterprise in the QTC Profile drop-down on the quote for the Sales Representative.

  1. Go to SetupApp Setup Create Object.
  2. Click Quote/Proposal.

  3. In Custom Fields & Relationships, Click QTC Profile.
  4. On QTC Profile(Managed) page, click New on the Values section.
  5. Enter Enterprise.
  6. Click Save.

Repeat steps from 3 to 6 for the Product Configuration and Agreement objects. For the Product Configuration object, in Step 3 you must select the Business Object Profile field instead of QTC Profile.

To create a custom Submit For Approval button

You must use the custom Submit for Approval buttons for all Enterprise quotes. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to All Tab > Config Settings > Display Action Settings.
  2. Select Cart Page in Display Type.
  3. Select the flow you configured to use TurboPricing.
  4. Add a new row and defined the fields as described in the following table

    Action Label NameProvide a name for the button. For example, CustomSubmitForApproval.
    Display AsSelect Action from the dropdown.
    Action AreaSelect Center from the dropdown.
    Action PageEnter Apttus_CQApprov__CartApprovals.
    BehaviorSelect Self from the dropdown.
    Action TypeSelect Quick Redirect from the dropdown.
    Is EnabledEnable this checkbox.
    Always DisplayEnable this checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

For more information on how to create quotes, Creating Quotes from Opportunities.