As an administrator, you must enable Customer Service and Sales Representatives in your organization to Change, Swap, Renew, and Terminate a customer's assets. To this end, you must complete the following procedures in the listed order.

Mandatory Configuration

The following steps are the mandatory configuration steps which are required to implement ABO successfully.

  1. Granting appropriate access and permissions to Managers, partners, other administrators, Customer Service, and Sales Representatives
  2. Configuring Flow Management Settings
  3. Configuring Installed Products Settings
  4. Configuring Asset Management Flows
  5. Customizing Display Actions for the Installed Products page

  6. Defining the look and feel of the Installed Products page
  7.  Configuring Asset-based Pricing
  8. Configuring Lookup Field Settings

Optional Configuration

The following configuration steps are optional. You may implement these steps based on your business requirements.

  1. Defining the Actions you want to allow for each Asset Line Item 
  2. About Integration of Assets with Contracts
  3. Creating an Approval Workflow for Renew, Change, Swap, and Terminate 
  4. Configuring Mass Update for Assets
  5. Creating a Replacement Rule to enable the Swap feature 
  6. Configuring the Custom Attributes Page

The values you enter for the fields in the pages listed above will determine how Customer Service and Sales Reps in your organization manage a customer's assets.